Heidi Muller naked - "The Last Girl Scout"


Name: The Last Girl Scout

Categories: Heidi Muller naked, 1992, United States, English, Hershel Savage, Madison, Bionca, Heather Lere, Heidi, Heidi Muller, Sean Michaels, Scott Irish, Rob Tyler

Actress: Madison,Bionca,Heather Lere,Heidi,Heidi Muller

Actors: Sean Michaels,Scott Irish,Rob Tyler

Year: 1992

Duration: 72 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Hershel Savage

From the very private eye of Herschel Savage comes this lusty tale of intrigue, suspense, and some wicked "undercover" work. Heather Lere plays a cop who gave up cookies and raffle tickets years ago. Madison's her streetwise partner who's join to turn up the heat. Together, they'll earn every sexual merit badge in the book. Don't miss The Last Girl Scout. They don't make 'em like they used to.

Heidi Muller naked - "The Last Girl Scout"

Monday, October 31, 2016


Heidi Muller naked1992United StatesEnglishHershel SavageMadisonBioncaHeather LereHeidiHeidi MullerSean MichaelsScott IrishRob Tyler

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