Vintage german fuck movies in "Perverse"


Name: Perverse

Actress: Chantal Virapin,Laurence Jarry

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Desire Bastareaud,Gilbert Servien,John Oury,Edwige Davis,Edwidge Davis

Categories: Vintage german fuck movies, 1977, France, German, Claude Pierson, Chantal Virapin, Laurence Jarry, Richard Lemieuvre, Desire Bastareaud, Gilbert Servien, John Oury, Edwige Davis, Edwidge Davis

A new wife (Edwige Davis) proves reluctant to indulge in the kinkier aspects of sex, i.e. blowjobs. Her husband has made arrangements, however. He leaves on a trip and places a key to the outhouse in a draw, telling his wife she must not go there (I deduce). She succumbs to curiosity though and goes to peep in. She sees Chantal Virapin masturbating. She masturbates herself while she watches and then runs for the key, goes in and joins the girl for a g/g session.

Duration: 77 min

Year: 1977

Language: German

Country: France

Director: Claude Pierson

Vintage german fuck movies in "Perverse"

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Vintage german fuck movies1977FranceGermanClaude PiersonChantal VirapinLaurence JarryRichard LemieuvreDesire BastareaudGilbert ServienJohn OuryEdwige DavisEdwidge Davis

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