Silvia Solar nude - "Esas chicas tan pu.."


Name: Esas chicas tan pu..

Several women decide that a whore house catering to lesbians and gay men would be an easier way to make a living. It does not turn out to be so easy. Broken arms, lesbian triangles and jealousy, fetish requests, and so on make life interesting and hilarious. Non-Stop Naked Euro Babes and Simulated Sex in this Cult Sex Comedy, which is has tons of great Lesbian Content and great humor.

Categories: Silvia Solar nude, 1982, Spain, Spanish, Ignacio Ferres Iquino, Jaime Bascu, Emma Quer, Diana Conca, Olga Ballesteros, Silvia Solar, Sofia Fernandez, Andrea Albani, Conrado Tortosa 'Pipper', Amparo Moreno, Josep Lluis Fonoll, Mir Ferry, Miguel Aviles, Juan Zanni, Rafael Tormo, Softcore

Actors: Andrea Albani,Conrado Tortosa 'Pipper',Amparo Moreno,Josep Lluis Fonoll,Mir Ferry,Miguel Aviles,Juan Zanni,Rafael Tormo

Actress: Jaime Bascu,Emma Quer,Diana Conca,Olga Ballesteros,Silvia Solar,Sofia Fernandez

Duration: 89 min

Language: Spanish

Country: Spain

Director: Ignacio Ferres Iquino

Year: 1982

Silvia Solar nude - "Esas chicas tan pu.."

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Silvia Solar nude1982SpainSpanishIgnacio Ferres IquinoJaime BascuEmma QuerDiana ConcaOlga BallesterosSilvia SolarSofia FernandezAndrea AlbaniConrado Tortosa 'Pipper'Amparo MorenoJosep Lluis FonollMir FerryMiguel AvilesJuan ZanniRafael TormoSoftcore

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