Britta Flemming pornstar in "Claudio Und Seine Gespielinnen"


Name: Claudio Und Seine Gespielinnen

Categories: Britta Flemming pornstar, 1979, Germany, German, Heiko Hagemann, Barbel von Staden, Claudia Mehringer, Judy London, Doris Wessoly, Britta Flemming, Peter Kwapinski

Actors: Peter Kwapinski

Actress: Barbel von Staden,Claudia Mehringer,Judy London,Doris Wessoly,Britta Flemming

Year: 1979

Country: Germany

Language: German

Director: Heiko Hagemann

Duration: 73 min

Claudio is businessman who has various sexual adventures, both watching, participating and dreaming as he goes about his daily work and leisure. His adventures and dreams include his legendaries, the couple in an apartment opposite his office, a friend and his wife, a photographer who is taking his picture, attending a party hosted by Claudia Mehri, and sexual adventures while inspecting a villa he is having built in some Mediterranean resort.

Britta Flemming pornstar in "Claudio Und Seine Gespielinnen"

Friday, December 9, 2016


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