70s sex films - "Les de-mons"


Name: Les de-mons

Duration: 112 min

Language: German

Year: 1973


Country: France

Actors: Howard Vernon

Actress: Anne Libert

Categories: 70s sex films, 1973, France, German, Anne Libert, Howard Vernon

A witch burned at the stake curses her accusers, Lord Jeffreys (Cihangir Gaffari), Lady de Winter (Karin Field) and her lover Renfield (Alberto Dalbes), and she proclaims as she burns that her girls will fulfill the curse. Alarmed, Lady de Winter sets out with Renfield to find the girls, Margaret (Britt Nichols) and Kathleen (Anne Libert), tracing them to a convent where they have become nuns. Once at the Blackmoor Nunnery, Mum Superior (Doris Thomas) tells Lady de Winter that she has had her eye on 2 nuns in particular who appear to have impure thoughts. Upon closer inspection Lady de Winter finds out Kathleen is not a virgin and proceeds to move her to a castle where she is tortured. Lord de Winter (Howard Vernon) frees Kathleen from her torture, but Lord Jeffreys gives Renfield, who was wrongly accused of freeing Kathleen, 3 days to find her. The fun only begins there though as Margaret soon finds herself possessing the evil that invaded her body one night.

70s sex films - "Les de-mons"

Monday, December 26, 2016


70s sex films1973FranceGermanAnne LibertHoward Vernon

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