Chris Collins videos : "Coming Out"


Name: Coming Out

Actors: Steve Drake,TT Boy,Blake Palmer,Tom Chapman

Actress: Kitty Yung,Nikki Sinn,Chris Collins,Pamela Dee,Tanya Storm,Tanya Summers,Julie Scott

Categories: Chris Collins videos, 1993, United States, English, Art Ben, Kitty Yung, Nikki Sinn, Chris Collins, Pamela Dee, Tanya Storm, Tanya Summers, Julie Scott, Steve Drake, TT Boy, Blake Palmer, Tom Chapman, Asian

If you listen real close, you can tell that Tanya Summers, through her thick accent, is telling pawnshop partner Tom Chapman that he's going to have to start accepting wrong goods for resale. Tom doesn't like the idea, but boffs Tanya anyway, in a fairly energetic but disinterested couch encounter. But action really starts when an old Oriental (Ashley Yung) leaves a magic ring with Tom, giving him the power to magically call any beautiful woman he sees (like on TV) to his side so he can fuck her. Of course, this gets a little tiring after a while, so Chris Collins and Nikki Sinn get something going between themselves until being joined by T.T. Boy – a hot lick session that ends with T.T.'s cum on the ladies' faces. Tanya gets the ring and promptly brings Steve Drake for a bed bounce, but they've saved the best for last: a rejuvenated Ashley and Tom. This Oriental lass gives her all in this scene, responding to Tom's moves with high energy and delightful squeals. This newcomer is definitely someone to watch for in other features. Tanya on the box, looking very much like Lacy Rose, will pull in the customers.

Year: 1993

Country: United States

Duration: 124 min

Director: Art Ben

Language: English

Chris Collins videos : "Coming Out"

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Chris Collins videos1993United StatesEnglishArt BenKitty YungNikki SinnChris CollinsPamela DeeTanya StormTanya SummersJulie ScottSteve DrakeTT BoyBlake PalmerTom ChapmanAsian

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