70s sex movies in "Doctor's Teenage Dilemma"


Name: Doctor's Teenage Dilemma

Country: United States

Language: English


Duration: 60 min

Year: 1974

Actors: Marc Stevens,Jason Russell,Davey Jones,Guy Thomas

Actress: Tina Russell,Andrea True

Categories: 70s sex movies, 1974, United States, English, Tina Russell, Andrea True, Marc Stevens, Jason Russell, Davey Jones, Guy Thomas

What DOCTOR'S TEENAGE DILEMMA lacks in sleaze, it makes up for in comedic-value and some decent sex scenes. Not nearly as notable as other films of this era and genre - but a fun watch with some seriously funny moments in it...Patients come to see a "sexologist" to fix their sexual problems. His patients include a woman obsessed, a guy whose cock is too big, and a girl who can only get off when a harmonica is played...among others. The doctor, of course, has some unorthodox "methods" to treat his patients - resulting in a bunch o' the ol' in-out...Most of the girls in this one are hotter than what you normally see in these films, and the sex-scenes are decent. A few really funny moments, one when a patient tries to get the sexy nurse to touch his dong by telling her how "special" she is - and a few chuckles from the Doctor himself, who gives up some whacky diagnoses. Those that dig the "rougher" material probably won't get much out of this one - but I found it amusing.

70s sex movies in "Doctor's Teenage Dilemma"

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


70s sex movies1974United StatesEnglishTina RussellAndrea TrueMarc StevensJason RussellDavey JonesGuy Thomas

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