Gilda Arancio fuck : "Les chevaliers de l’amour"


Name: Les chevaliers de l’amour

Actress: Claudine Beccarie,Beatrice Harnois,Pamela Stanford,Gilda Arancio

Categories: Gilda Arancio fuck, 1975, France, French, Francis Ledoyen, Claudine Beccarie, Beatrice Harnois, Pamela Stanford, Gilda Arancio, Benoit Archenoul, Pierre Taylou, Andre Dupon, Claude Sandoz, Muriel Joubert, Daniele Damau, Richard Rouch, Jacques Ardouin, Softcore

Actors: Benoit Archenoul,Pierre Taylou,Andre Dupon,Claude Sandoz,Muriel Joubert,Daniele Damau,Richard Rouch,Jacques Ardouin

Country: France

Duration: 61 min

Director: Francis Ledoyen

Language: French

Year: 1975

Claudine Beccarie plays the manager of a sex shop and she tries out a dildo, getting pleasure but afterwords refusing to buy it. (In the soft version one does not see the dildo enter her vagina). She also has a soft lesbian scene. Béatrice Harnois and Pamela Stanford appear together with another woman and a man in some slapstick - like near-hardcore scenes, including also some mild whipping. An unknown starlet also has a poor brief blowjob scene. All these actresses also appear in the soft version, of which I was unable to retrack the original name. I also think Gilda Arancio is one of the leads, but I'm not entirely sure. None of these are credited.

Gilda Arancio fuck : "Les chevaliers de l’amour"

Monday, January 4, 2016


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