English spanking classics - "Rug Burn"


Name: Rug Burn

Actress: Kelly O'Dell,Amber Woods,Cody O'Connor,Kelsey Sheen

Actors: Mike Horner,Tony Tedeschi,Mark Davis,Jay Sheen

Categories: English spanking classics, 1993, United States, English, Scotty Fox, Kelly O'Dell, Amber Woods, Cody O'Connor, Kelsey Sheen, Mike Horner, Tony Tedeschi, Mark Davis, Jay Sheen, Facial

I personally think Rug Burn is a well above average smut title for it's period of release and for an american title of that time, it's what made me upload it before a number of other titles. It's the title that made me stand up and recognize Kelly O'Dell as a major take on the scene, Cody O'Connor is particularly strong here although I haven't seen her in anything else, Amber Woods is fine looking and good as a back up, especially if paired with strong partners as she is here in Rug Burn, Kelsey is also hot in a prissy barbie doll kind of way. Other then Jay Sheen (boyfriend of Kelsey Sheen), all the guys perform excellently in this. Even the story (a spoof of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Gh-ost Busters) works suprisingly well, it kept my simple self stimulated anyway with good acting from both Mike Horner and Tony Tedeschi. There is a decent amount of script which makes it look like it wasn't just thrown togther like a lot of films at that time, except for scene one. The director did a solid job of making the sex exciting.

Language: English

Year: 1993

Director: Scotty Fox

Country: United States

Duration: 74 min

English spanking classics - "Rug Burn"

Sunday, June 18, 2017


English spanking classics1993United StatesEnglishScotty FoxKelly O'DellAmber WoodsCody O'ConnorKelsey SheenMike HornerTony TedeschiMark DavisJay SheenFacial

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