Cathy Stewart in 80s sex movies


Name: Strip Tease Lubrique


Actress: Cathy Stewart,Mika Barthel,Elisabeth Bure,Eva Kleber

Categories: 80s sex movies, Cathy Stewart, 1982, France, French, Cathy Stewart, Mika Barthel, Elisabeth Bure, Eva Kleber


Year: 1982

Country: France

Language: French

Duration: 53 min

When once decide to open a strip-tease night club, you need qualified staff and the know how to hire them. The heroes of the story find themselves with 4 super girls and cannot decide between them. So, they decide to keep them all and the party starts….

Cathy Stewart in 80s sex movies

Friday, January 12, 2018


80s sex moviesCathy Stewart1982FranceFrenchMika BarthelElisabeth BureEva Kleber

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