80s sex video - "Perverse et sensuelle Nathalie"


Name: Perverse et sensuelle Nathalie

Nathalie (Marcella Petri) is the young, sheltered girl of a wealthy businessman who discovers sex through intimate relations with her dads business partner. The partner plans to use Dads money for several business enterprises, but Nathalie discovers there may be a sleazy alternate scheme planned.

Categories: 80s sex video, 1981, Greece, French, Ilias Mylonakos, Pauline Teutscher, Telis Stallone, Mario Cutini

Actors: Telis Stallone,Mario Cutini

Actress: Pauline Teutscher

Country: Greece

Director: Ilias Mylonakos

Language: French

Year: 1981

Duration: 85 min

80s sex video - "Perverse et sensuelle Nathalie"

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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