Retro anal sex movies - "Gladys And Her All Girl Band"


Name: Gladys And Her All Girl Band

Actors: Ashley Moore,Russ Carlson,Alan Marlow,Tony Richards

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Actress: C.J. Laing,Terri Hall,Cheryl White,Julia Sorel

Year: 1976

Language: English

Duration: 60 min

Director: Warren Evans

Country: United States

Last but not least, let's have a big round of applause for Gladys And Her All Girl Band! Two dudes run down a New York street, one of whom is Shaun Costello. The other guy calls Shaun a putz, which is kind of rad. The lost whatever was chasing them and wind up at a building where Gladys is having auditions for her all girl band where they figure they should hide out. They scam their way past the guy at the door while the security guy goes to lay a blonde chick. While the sex is going on, Costello and his pal are getting into drag - full make up, dresses, the whole bit. Costello puts on a blonde afro wig and looks ridiculous and the two go to meet Gladys (is it Terri Hall? Looks like her) to audition for her band. The girls figure out who they are soon enough, however. Rather than head out into the street, the boys decide to give Terri Hall a DP, which is always the logical decision. Later on C.J. Laing shows up and gives head to a guy who looks a little bit like Sonny Bono. Once everyone is done they all hang out naked in the living room and watch themselves as Gladys And Her All-Girl Band in color on a black and white TV. While the TV is blasting away, they have an orgy.This one is played pretty pretty much completely for laughs and on that level its pretty effective. The sex is pretty raunchy but there's a very playful side to it that softens it quite a bit and the very ridiculousness of it all makes it difficult to take any of this seriously.

Retro anal sex movies - "Gladys And Her All Girl Band"

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