Uschi Digard : 70s sex films


Name: Love And The Great Grunt


Categories: 70s sex films, Uschi Digard, 1973, United States, English, Antony Weber, Uschi Digard, Sandi Carey, Kathy Hilton, Starlyn Simone, Jane Tsentas, Terry Johnson

Actress: Uschi Digard,Sandi Carey,Kathy Hilton,Starlyn Simone,Jane Tsentas,Terry Johnson

Country: United States

Year: 1973

Language: English

Duration: 54 min

Director: Antony Weber

Although not a particularly great film, it does show off Uschi Digard and her great body for a goodly portion. Uschi purchases a haunted mirror that she is told has the effect of making one's inhibitions disappear and their dreams and fantasies come true whenever they gaze into it. There are four separate episodes in which Uschi (or others) gaze into the mirror and lose their inhibitions - and clothes. The first involves a balding TV repairman, the second some lesbian poll takers, the third some friends of hers and the final episode concerns a burglar and a cop.

Uschi Digard : 70s sex films

Saturday, February 24, 2018


70s sex filmsUschi Digard1973United StatesEnglishAntony WeberSandi CareyKathy HiltonStarlyn SimoneJane TsentasTerry Johnson

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