Marlene Willoughby in 1970s sex


Name: The Pitfalls Of Bunny

Director: Joe Davian

Language: English

Year: 1977

Country: United States

Duration: 59 min

Categories: 1970s sex, Marlene Willoughby, 1977, United States, English, Joe Davian, Marlene Willoughby, Clea Carson, Erica Havens, Simone Sinclair, Bobby Astor, Peter Andrews, David Williams, Don Smith, Facial, Anal

Actors: Bobby Astor,Peter Andrews,David Williams,Don Smith

Actress: Marlene Willoughby,Clea Carson,Erica Havens,Simone Sinclair

In The Pitfalls of Bunny, the NYC blackout of 1977 sends three roomies — Marlene Willoughby, David Williams, and the titular Bunny — out of town to the wilds of Long Island where they can fuck and suck where it’s light. (Their trip is irrationally scored with Old English ballads and banjo music!) They arrange to have their apartment cleaned while they’re away, and two cleaning sluts move in and start poking vacuum cleaner accessories up their snatches — which, of course, is the only way to "plug in" a vacuum cleaner during a blackout. Out on the Island, Willoughby and Williams screw each other silly lakeside, while Bunny dildos herself in a hammock. When two fishermen happen by and see Bunny, they do what any two fishermen would do. "Let’s fuck her!" says one, setting down his fishing rod and whipping out his fleshy rod and plunging it into her Bunny hole. Meanwhile, back in Blackout City, the cleaning sluts are joined by Tony, the Roto-Rooter Man (BOBBY ASTYR), who roto-screwters the cleaning cunts. Then they promptly clean out Bunny’s apartment, leaving her in high dudgeon over the pitfalls of porn plots and without a stiff carrot in sight.

Marlene Willoughby in 1970s sex

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


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