Victoria Corsaut pornstar in "Dr. Yes"


Name: Dr. Yes

DOCTOR YES cannot say no. Her new technique of transplant can make every impotent male into a stud. Victoria Corsaw, as Mary has a husband, Merle, with just this kind of problem. They have tried everything to enhance their sex life - sexual surrogates and lesbian lovers to name a few. But nothing seems to help. Mary must turn to DOCTOR YES. Will Merle get back to normal?... Is it ethical for DOCTOR YES to test the "quality" of her work? Will Mary be satisfied? A funny new way to enjoy sex, is what DOCTOR YES will give you, and there is a moral to this story... All Men Should Stand Erect.

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Actress: Crystal Sync,Victoria Corsaut,Debbie Revenge,Susan Le Beau

Actors: Peter Andrews,David Pierce,Leo Lovemore,Mark Le Beau

Duration: 58 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1977

Director: Richard Mailer

Victoria Corsaut pornstar in "Dr. Yes"

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


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