90s sex music - "Trafic Feminin"


Name: Trafic Feminin

French film about a gang who take women from their boutique to use them as prostitutes aboard a boat in the Med. Begins with a brunette and her boyfriend on a motorbike. He s sex on her and she runs away and hitches a lift in her torn underwear with a blonde woman who takes her home, bathes her and seduces her into more sex, lesbian (including use of strap on) and b/g. The blonde is one of the gang. Next we see Lynn Armitage (her last film and she looks very thickset) and Sunny McKay choosing clothes in the boutique. The floor of the changing room collapses to trap them in a cellar where they are d to have sex with two men, anal for Lynn, facial for Sunny. They are taken to a boat where they are d to have lesbian sex. Two clients join in. Then two more arrive to replace the first two. Facials for Lynn and Sunny. The original rapist - the boyfriend of the brunette arrives in search of his girlfriend and rescues Lynn and Sunny. He has sex with them both, anal for Lynn, facial. He is then re-united with the brunette he originally date-actiond and has sex with her to facial.

Actress: Lynn Armitage,Luna Saronne

Categories: 90s sex music, 1991, France, French, Michel Ricaud, Lynn Armitage, Luna Saronne, Richard Langin, Rally van Kamp, Ralf Dorman, Facial, Anal

Actors: Richard Langin,Rally van Kamp,Ralf Dorman

Country: France

Director: Michel Ricaud

Language: French

Year: 1991

Duration: 68 min

90s sex music - "Trafic Feminin"

Friday, August 17, 2018


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